Life while on the road

It is always fulfilling when you go beyond your walls.

Friends will not just help bring the best out of you, but they push you to show the kid in you because they knew the feeling is truly amazing.

Fear is something that hinders us from taking risks and performing extraordinary things, which lead us to our comfort zone. And when we conquer our fear, it gives us a bigger picture of who we really are, and makes us realized that we can always be the person we want to become.

Being a driver is not easy and that’s what I learned through this experience. But, when you fully understand that life is a journey, and that you should drive your own life even this leads to uncertain roads because at the end of the day, the memories of your whole journey matters.

There is no place like home. Making memories with my family is one of my favorite collections. Valuing our moments together because they are not just my family, but they painted my journey, which makes my life meaningful and beautiful.

Lastly, I am just a simple girl that loves exploring while I’m still young and I can handle my own expenses. It’s one of my stress reliever or a happy pill of my life. I’m not wasting money and time, but I learned a lot by exploring new places, communicating with people as this will boost my confidence and to be more independent as an individual and as a woman.

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